Monday, February 6, 2012

Apple Fritters


Since I like baking, my mum said to do a blog just especially for Baking. So I made it. I'll update the things I have baked in the holidays.

So this is Apple Fritters :)

I was meant to do 'Fried Banana's'. But NO banana's. So there were heaps of Apple. I did an experiment that day. The experiment turned out to be sooooooooooo goood. I just basically fried the apples with the banana batter.

That's it for now. Want the recipe? I'll just give even though you all already know.

1. Apples (obviously) :D
2. The Adabi 'Pisang Goreng' batter
3. And a little bit of water

Just add them all together, and fry it. :)

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