Monday, February 6, 2012

Red Velvet


Weeeeeeeeeeee, today I baked RED VELVET CUPPY :). My first attempt turned out to be good. My mum is always the first to try and gives comments. My uncle and auntie are here, so they are like my judges. Sometimes when I bake, I feel like I'm in those Master Chef thing. GAGA, it makes me more focus, you know. But its just that I take my own sweet time to do it. :)

My mum and I daydreamed about having a my own bakery when I'm older. And we kept on daydreaming. But people say, it might comes true :). So if it does come true, InsyaAllah I'll name my bakery 'Bakar-Bakar' with a cupcake shape next to it ;) hahaha
So that's it for my awesome baking day :)

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